RE-PORT for medical devices

RE-PORT is a monthly report from the area of healthcare. It is a comprehensive and commented summary of everything important that can affect your work.

Periodic regulatory affairs summary and outlook detailing all the important information and events in the current Czech and Slovakian healthcare. Information on upcoming legislation changes and other relevant events in the area of medical devices. Part of the RE-PORT is summary of all the upcoming changes to the legislation in Czech Republic and Slovakian republic (legislation monitoring). In addition, RE-PORT summarizes all relevant activities of public and state institutions (institution monitoring) for the last month.

With monitoring you can look forward to:

  • Periodic monthly regulatory affairs summary

  • Outlook summarizing all the important information about current events

  • Upcoming changes to legislation in Czech and Slovakian healthcare

  • Other relevant information in the area of medical devices

  • Activity summary of all the relevant public and state institutions

  • Summary of the upcoming changes to the relevant legislation in the Czech Republic and Slovakian Republic

Sample issue of RE-PORT for FREE

Report Prostredky


for medical devices

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Clear and elegant summary of all the important things that can affect your work.

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