About us

Taťána Soharová

doctor, founder

As a doctor she performed clinical practice in a workplace of preventive cardiology IKEM. After, she gained years of experience with organization and marketing in healthcare when she worked in management at University Hospital Motol and projects dealing with quality of medical devices. From the year 2006 she worked in the management of VZP ČR (health insurance company) where she was responsible for drug policy and creation of Reimbursement catalogue for medical devices among others. Her most significant achievements include, for example, creation of drug database AMBULEKY and NEMLEKY or the biggest project for monitoring of potential drug interactions in CZ. She cooperates with non-profit organizations Dobromysl o.p.s and Iniciativa pro zdravé zdravotnictví z.s. Her managerial experiences and abilities, she passes onto her clients I the form of mentoring. In 2012 she established company re-medical.

Karolína Kroupová


While still studying at Law School at Charles Univesity in Prague she already intensively devoted herself to the issue of healthcare and healthcare law. Her dissertation was focused on the topic of providing cross-border healthcare in EU. Practical experience she then gained while working for Ministry of Health as specialist officer where she dealt with the agenda of administrative procedures on pricing and reimbursement of medicinal products. Karolína also has a lot international experience thanks to studying at Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen and working in international law office in Prague. In 2014 she completed a work placement in non-profit company Stimulansz that has a residence in Utrecht where it focuses professional project research in the area of social services in some European countries. Since 2014 she has been working in re-medical.

Jiří Morávek


Mgr. Jiří Morávek vystudoval Právnickou fakultu na Panevropské vysoké škole v Bratislavě, kde se již během svého studia intenzivně věnoval právním a také finančním otázkám týkající se zdravotnictví. Během studia absolvoval tříměsíční kurz anglického jazyka na Havajských ostrovech a poté působil jako právní konzultant ve zdravotnickém ambulantním zařízení, kde nasbíral i praktické zkušenosti. Po absolvování fakulty práva se v roce 2019 připojil k týmu remedical a zaměřuje se hlavně na regulatorní a úhradová specifika zdravotnických prostředků.

Barbora Uzdařová

consultant and project coordinator

She graduated from Faculty of Biomedical Engineering ČVUT in Prague module. Systemic integration in healthcare. While studying she was mainly interested application of multi-criteria evaluation methods and in her dissertation, she addressed the issue of quality control of consumer medical supplies when purchasing through public procurement. Since 2016 she has been working in re-medical where she specializes in the area of medical devices – specifically notification obligation in the Registry of medical devices and the issue of public procurement.

Elena Matěvosova


She is a student of the last year of the Faculty of Law of Charles University and during her studies she started to specialize in the field of medical law. She also gained a specialization module in this area. During her ongoing studies, Elena gained her first work experience at major law firms where she became acquainted with general practice. She speaks fluent English, Russian and Italian. Since 2018 she has been working in re-medical.

Adéla Mankovická


She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Palacky University in Olomouc. After her studies in 2012-2016, she worked in a law firm in Prague, then passed here bar exam and continued as an independent attorney. As a part of her work, she specialized in the areas of labor law, criminal law and health and life compensation. Marginally she was involved in the corporate agenda and all that involved – the organization of general meetings for the transfer of shares, the formation and changed in society and family law.

In the framework of labor law, she provided services to employees and employers, particularly in the are of representation in court proceedings in labor disputes arising from the invalid termination of employment and related pay claims and severance pay ratio, when changing, when returning to work after the obstacles at work and when terminating employment. 

In the course of criminal proceedings, she represented the injured in criminal(adhesion) proceedings in reclaiming damages in criminal proceedings. When compensating for damage to health or life, it was mainly the are of health care and proving non lege artis interventions, out-of-court negotiations with hospitals, insurance companies, representing the client in the enforcement of his claims.


Jana Rejmontová


She graduated from the High school of economics and she went on to receive extension from the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague. She worked at school and as an accountant. Jana joined re-medical in 2012 where she handles accounting, administrative activities and communication with  authorities.

Barbora Pohludková


Barbora je studentkou 4.ročníku Právnické fakulty na Západočeské univerzitě v Plzni. Během studií pracovala po dobu 2,5 let v mediální agentuře. K týmu remedical se připojila v roce 2019, kde se nyní bude zaměřovat na marketing. Mluví anglicky a španělsky.